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Amanda McIlhone

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Hello everyone!

I am thrilled to be back at work following the break due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For the time-being, I will be offering all of my sessions virtually. I hope to once again offer in-person sessions in the not to distant future!

For those of you that don’t already know me, I am the Holistic Nutritionist at Durham Burkitt Naturopathic. My career actually began in social work where I was employed in a variety of settings from criminal justice, child welfare and eventually children’s mental health. Many years later, I was introduced to the world of holistic nutrition after myself and later our son both tested positive for multiple food sensitivities. The experience of having to learn new and creative ways to prepare food while removing the foods that were making us ill was both confusing and overwhelming to say the least. With the help of a Naturopath, along with a Holistic Nutritionist, myself and our son were able to heal and today we are both thriving!

Eventually, I realized that my learning around all things holistic was no longer out of necessity but rather it had become my passion. Soon after, I made the decision to retire from social work and formally pursue nutritional studies and have never once looked back! I have always worked hard for those I was privileged enough to support in my role as a social worker and I carry that same commitment into the field of holistic nutrition!

I look so forward to working with you! My services focus on nutritional healing and will complement the medical care you may already be receiving from your Naturopathic Doctor. Please note that I have updated the service options and listed them below for your review!

Complimentary Meet-and-Greet:

Come and let’s chat! I offer a 30 minute complimentary session for all new clients interested in learning the ways in which holistic nutrition can be helpful in your own life. Together, we will discuss all available nutritional services to help you decide which of option(s) are best for you!

Package #1 - New Beginnings! ($200 + HST)

Ideal Participant: Helpful for those struggling with identified health issues such as digestive complaints, autoimmunity or IBS. This option is also helpful for those who simple want to improve their overall picture of health by engaging in targeted steps to address their individual wellness.


Includes: 2 sessions (60 minute intake and 45 minute follow-up) as well as a fully customized protocol that includes a 2-week Meal Plan (plus recipes and shopping lists) and detailed dietary and lifestyle considerations all geared to your specific needs. You will also receive 5 complimentary recipes!


Once your appointment is booked, you will be sent a comprehensive intake package that will need to be completed prior to our face-to-face discussion. We will delve deeper into the information you provide at our first session. Afterwards, I will take all the information that has been collected as part of the intake process and create your customized protocol. We will book your follow-up session once your protocol has been completed. My goal will be to ensure that you have all the tools you need to begin the next steps on your journey towards wellness. Afterwards, you will have theopportunity to add on as many follow-up sessions or extra meal plans as you feel you may need to help keep you moving forward on your journey!


Package #2 - New Approach to Health! ($100 + HST)

Ideal Participant: Ideal for those who are interested in learning a new way to approach their overall picture of health by changing up unhelpful dietary and lifestyle practices that are preventing them from reaching optimal wellness.

Includes: One session (60 minutes) along a 2-week, clean eating meal plan and detailed dietary and lifestyle considerations (plus recipes and shopping lists). You will also receive 5 complimentary recipes!


Prior to attending this session, you will be forwarded a short intake form to help focus our discussion. At our meeting, I will provide you with targeted dietary and lifestyle recommendations for you to consider as you work towards your identified goals. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to add on as many follow-up sessions or extra meal plans as you feel you may need to help keep you moving forward on your journey!

Ongoing Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes - $60 + HST)

These sessions will be aimed at supporting you on your path towards continued health and wellness. At each session, we will review how you are progressing and trouble-shoot any challenges you might be having. Ongoing support is often an essential part for continued success! We can meet once a week or once a month or longer depending on your specific needs.

Meal Planing:

Pre-made meal plans are an excellent way to take the confusion out of planning your meals! All recipes that I provide will be clean and free from common allergens such as gluten and dairy. Each plan will include breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with multiple snack suggestions. A full shopping list will be included to help organize your trip to the grocery store. And to make things even easier, certain recipes have been adjusted to allow for leftovers to decrease the time you spend in the kitchen. These plans may be purchased on their own or as part of your follow-up sessions.


Options include:


1-week plan ($40 + HST)

2-week plan ($70 + HST)

3-week plan ($100 + HST)

Customized Recipe Collections: ($80 + HST)

This option is terrific for those who prefer flexibility in their weekly meals rather than following a specific plan. You will receive a dietary preference questionnaire that details your dietary likes and dislikes. Once completed, I will begin working on a collection of recipes geared to your individual preferences. Your own personalized collection will include 7 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 5 snack options. I will also include the 5 bonus recipes that are offered in all the other meal plans. This option allows you an opportunity to incorporate new recipes into your weekly meals gradually rather than all at once. A perfect option for busy people who remain interested in improving their nutritional habits!


Body Cleansing and Detoxification:


Stay tuned for details on our upcoming detox planned for early fall. We will be offering two detox options per year, with the second one occurring in early spring.


Metabolic Reset Plan:


January is the perfect time to assist your metabolism as it resets following a wonderfully indulgent and, for some of us, stressful holiday season. As life slowly returns too normal, we may notice that we are feeling fatigued, bloated or depleted.

So what can we do?


The Metabolic Reset Plan is an excellent way to help recharge your metabolism so you can get back to feeling energized and healthy. It is also perfect for those who are simply interested in kickstarting a new lifestyle as part of ringing in a brand new year.

Whats Included!

• A full meal plan that includes 3 main meals plus 2 snack options each day 

• Dietary and lifestyle considerations for immediate and long-lasting results 

• A complementary 30 minute session

Details regarding a start time and cost will be sent out sometime in November/ December so stay tuned!


I am also working on a collaboration with a local spa that offers clients organic based skin care products/treatments. We are in the final stages of creating a skin care package that includes a comprehensive dietary plan, lifestyle considerations along with skin care treatments specific to healthy skin! Stay tuned for more details!


As well, I will be writing a newsletters for Burkitt Naturopathic and Wellness Centre that will focus on a wide variety of nutrition related topics. July’s newsletter focuses on seasonal eating! If you have topics that you would like to see covered, please email these suggestions to


Remember that change takes time but is absolutely attainable! Remember that having a supportive hand(s) to guide you along the way can create long-lasting change! Above all, remember that you are worth all the effort and are deserving of both health and happiness!

Yours in Health,

Amanda McIlhone, BSW, CNP

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